• How do you chose your flats?

    Our flats have a central location, are fully equiped and have been tastefully decorated by our team.

    Are Internet, electricity or cleaning included in the rent?

    No, because everybody has different needs. Why would you pay internet if you have enough data with your mobile phone? You need a VISA? You will probably need an electricity contract with your name as a proof of residence... They are "à la carte" services and we can include them if you want... or not!

    How do you chose tenants?

    Our tenants are generally young workers who don't fit the criteria of traditionnal real estate agencies: probation period, no guarantor, no history in France... We select them regarding their profile and not their file.

    Do you also accept students?

    Students are not our primary target. However, for those coming from abroad without any connexion in France, our service can be really helpfull. So we would be pleased to help them. Be aware that the IZIHOME lease is not compatible with some french financial helps dedicated to students (APL).

    I am not in France yet to visit

    No problem! Our professionals photos give you a really representative idea of the flat. We can also have a live "WhatsApp tour" of the apartment with our comments. Then, our entire process allows you to book an pay online. You can land the same day as the check in and move in your new home!

    What do I have to pay in order to book the apartment?

    To move in your apartment, you will pay 3 different things:

    • Our fees: 250 €
    • The deposit: 2 month rental (french reglementation). You will get it back when you leave the apartment if there is no dammage
    • The rent of the month you move in. for example, if you arrive the 15th, you will pay half of the rent
    If you are not in France yet, we will ask you to pay our fees and 50% of the deposit to book the flat, and then you will pay the rest the day of the check in.

    Who do I have to call in case of issue in the apartment?

    Us! We are the link between you and the owner. We know our flats and the real estate rules, so we will be able to guide you.

    What happens in case of dammage in the apartment?

    You are responsible of the state of the apartment, this is why you will pay a deposit. However our philosophy is to have a good and constant communication with our tenants. We always do a pre-check out to give you recommandations in order to have a smooth move out!

    Are there any other costs I have to forecast for my apartment?

    To avoid any "bad surprise", here are the other costs you will be probably facing with your flat:

    • Insurance: it is mandatory in France to rent an apartment. We have a partner that can help on this topic.
    • Maintenance contract: also mandatory if there is a boiler or a fireplace for example
    • Tax for the trash
    • City tax (called "taxe d'habitation): depends on the surface, the city and your earnings
    For each apartment we can give you an idea of these costs so you can be prepared.